Carter Products


AccuRight Circle Cutter

The Carter AccuRight Circle Cutting Jig quickly and easily attaches to almost any saw, allowing you to cut perfect circles every time and allows you to cut any diameter circle up to four feet, when used with a proper external support.


  • Cuts perfect lathe blanks and aligns them to face plate with the Centre Master (sold separately)
  • No drilling or external mounts necessary
  • Easy to read radius measurements for precise circle size
  • Circle thickness only limited by the saw's re-saw capacity
  • Installs and removes quickly for limited downtime
  • For use with any blade guide, full block bearing, (not for use with the stabilizer)

Hollow Roller Laser Guide

The Carter Hollow Roller Laser Guide provides a visible wall thickness and depth indicator that allows the user to see when the wall thickness is at the desired measurement or the cutter head is at the desired depth. This thickness is set by the turner prior to inserting the cutter tool into the piece. The system comes with the easy to mount laser assembly that attaches directly to the Hollow boring bar. Laser assembly and all necessary hardware to set up and use the laser is included.


  • Operates on 2 AAA Batteries (included) which are housed internally in the tube
  • Clean and safe internal wiring with quick on off switch located at base

Hollow Roller Mounting Stud

Mounting Stud for the Carter Hollow Roller Vessel Turning System. This stud will adapt the Hollow Roller to lathes with 25mm tool rest. (This stud pack includes a second lengthened stud for the secondary tool rests)


The Carter next Generation MAGFENCE II 5" SWF allows you to get the blade much closer to the fence without the fear of damaging your blade or your fence. This extended design gives you a taller face for re-saw and larger wood operations. Designed to fit the next generation Carter MAGFENCE II. A Standard 3" version is also available for those that just need stock height face protection.
The face attaches easily at both ends via the existing slots in the MAGFENCE II face. The SWF is constructed out of rigid non-warping plastic that will keep its shape, but will not damage the blade in case of accidental contact. Ideal for sawing super thin veneers or application where the fence might come in contact with the tooling or blade.

Carter Stabilizer - Standard Model #1

The Unique patented Stabilizer from Carter is very different from any traditional guide in that it is not designed to hold the blade with immovable support on three sides. Instead, its grooved bearing wheel firmly prevents the blade from moving backwards or shifting left or right while still permitting the front of the blade to twist slightly side to side. This allows the user to make tight radius complex curves that no traditional guide system can achieve.

MAGFENCE II Next Gen Magnetic Fence

The next Generation Carter MAGFENCE II, magnetic fence takes quick attachment, release and adjustment to the next level of simplicity. With the addition of simply on-off switchable magnets the MAGFENCE II easily attaches to most ferrous metal tables regardless of size. The switchable magnets allows instant and powerful magnet force to be applied to hold fence firmly in place for any cutting, drilling, positioning or alignment need, then just as easily switched off for instant adjustment or removal.
Because there is no direct table mounting required, the Carter MAGFENCE II is universal to any size table. The unit is supplied with two switchable Magswitch 150 magnets that can be moved inward and outward to fir the table size required. The model pictured measures 15" long and 3" high. Accessory rigid plastic wear faces are available in both stock 3" and extended 5" heights for re-saw application.


  • Multiple t-slots for accessory attachment
  • No attachment to saw required
  • Quickly removable to use with multiple equipment

AccuRight Log Mill

The Carter AccuRight Log Mill is a sled system used to cut raw wood logs square so they can be processed via the bandsaw into useable lumber or project wood. Greta for turners looking to cut a flat into a round log for natural edge bowls, circle blanks, of just about anything where a flat face is needed.
The user attaches a log or any irregular shaped piece of wood to the mill via a clamp and saws off one side. Then it can be cut from here or placed back on the mill flat side down and cut a second time to create a perfect 90 degree wedge on one side of the wood. This then allows the user to place the raw wood securely against their fence to re-saw off pieces for projects.

Hollow Roller Vessel Turning System (with short handle)

The patent pending made in the USA Hollow Roller System is a captive bar tool for safely turning hollow forms and bowls. The bar is completely captive, which allows the operator to focus on the work and art of the vessel being turned instead of on the complexity of the hollowing system. It incorporates a fully sealed bearing lubrication free roller system that eliminates drag on the bar, thus enabling a smoother flowing motion to all tool movements. By doing this, it gives operator more control and feel while turning the work piece.

The System comes complete with:

The Hollow Roller Torque Arrestor tool rest (which attaches to the lathe through the users existing banjo), an auxiliary height adjustable tool rest, The Carter Hollow Roller short tool handle (For use with Hollow Roller ONLY) and the unique profile Hollow Roller boring bar(3/4" quarter round diameter) with high speed scraper bit. The only other part needed is the Hollow Roller stud adapter to fit your size lathe banjo and a desire to create unique artful vessels. A laser module, smaller diameter, hook, and larger length/diameter boring bars and other accessories are to be available for this system separately.

This system comes with the short handle, which is for use with the Hollow Roller system only. If you would like a larger accessory tool handle that can be used with gouges and other tools, purchase the LONG HANDLE version of the Hollow Roller to receive the AccuRight 175 tool handle.

AccuRight Table Inserts for JET 14"

Carter AccuRight zero clearance bandsaw table inserts for JET 14" saws and many import clones. 3 Inserts per package. Nylon material saves blade in case of accidental contact. Tighter blade opening results in less chipping and rough edges when cutting thin material.

Quick Release

The Carter Quick Release can be used with blades from 1/8" to 3/4". Instantly relive tension to prevent damage to the tire and prolong the life of the blade and saw. Pre-tensions blade slightly during blade change for easier adjustment. Installs in just minutes, all installation hardware provided with unit. Built to last with solid steel construction and high quality components.