Carving Tools

Get the best tools for your project. Trend Timbers has a fantastic range of carving tools.

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Arbortech Woodworking

Arbortech's range of tools allows the user to powerfully shape wood using free hand techniques.

Pro-4 Woodcarver

Perfect entry level tool for rotary woodcarving. Designed and manufactured in Australia from the highest qaulity steel, the Pro-4 will shape soft wood smoothly and efficently, with great control.

It is recommended that the blade is always used in conjunction with Arbortech Pro Guard. The Guard gives you excellent visibilty, is an adjustable depth guage as well as a guide for straight cutting.

Ideal for:

  • Freehand Power Carving with hard or soft wood
  • Rough shaping and trenching
  • Medium to large projects
  • Ideal for fast wood removal in sculpting (burls, bust, chairs, rocking horses, etc)


  • Attaches to 100mm and 115mm Angle Grinders
  • Low cost alternative for shaping soft to medium wood
  • Safety rakers for less kickback
  • Chip-limited teeth
  • Easy to sharpen

Also comes in Pro Kit

  • 1 x Pro-4 Woodcarver Blade
  • 1 x Super Tough Polycarbonate Guard plus fittings

Industrial Woodcarver

The Industrial Woodcarver is our best rotary carving blade. It is the smoothest woodcarving blade available, and you will never have to replace the blade due to replacement and rotatable tungsten teeth. It is recommended that the blade is always in conjunction with the Arbortech Pro Guard.


  • High Quality, long lasting even in the hardest woods
  • Replaceable carbide teeth, long blade life
  • Excellent control

Also comes in Pro Kit

Accessories available

  • Industrial Teeth and Screws
  • Industrial Torx Fixing Screw Key
  • Replacement Key
  • Pro-Guard
  • Nylon Reducing Washers-3 pack


The Arbortech TURBOPlane is a universal wood shaping blade that can be used to create different shapes, profiles and finishes. It can be used flat to create large level surfaces, or used at abgles to provide shallow cuts for fine shaping, planing and sculpting.

Ideal for:

  • Freehand Power carving in hard and soft wood
  • Rapid sculpting, planing and trimming
  • Used flat it creates level surfaces or edging and used at an angle it is ideal for free-formed convex


  • Wide cutting edge per tooth leaves a smooth finish requiring minimal sanding
  • Durable carbide teeth ensuring long blade life even in hard woods, easy to sharpen
  • Excellent control, balance and safety (no cutting teeth on blade perimeter)

Trade Blade (Tuff Cut)

The Trade Blade is the tradeperson and DIY dream. The resharpenable tungsten carbide teeth promise long life and unrivalled cutting performance. It is designed for straight cuts and carving through the toughest of materials, from dirty woods with embedded nails to aluminium.

Ideal for:

  • Straight Cuts
  • Carving Aluminium
  • Cuts most materials
  • Ideal for removing old floorboards and decking with nails, cutting PVC pipes, cutting any sheet material


  • Easy to use
  • Extremely controllable
  • Easily reshapenable tungsten carbide teeth
  • Can be used for a large variety of applications

Arbortech Mini-Grinder

The Arbortech Mini-Grinder is the most versatile woodcarving power tool that you'll ever own. This woodcarving tool lets you do everything from rough shaping to the finest details and its unique shape allows you excellent visibility.

  • 710 Watt Power
  • 2 x Mini-Grinder Blades
  • 4 x Assorted Grit Sanding pads

This tool is ideal for Burls, busts, woodturning, relief carving, sculpting, totem poles, removing grout from tiles and carving soft stone.


  • Replacement Mini-Grinder Blades (50mm)
  • Replacement Mini-Grinder Industrial Blades (50mm)
  • Mini-Grinder Diamond Blade
  • Mini-Grinder Sanding Pads (50mm)
  • Mini-Grinder Pulley Belt

Arbortech Power Chisel

The Arbortech Power Chisel is the ultimate woodworker's friend; you simply let the motor do the work and guide the chisel in which direction you prefer. It does everything that a traditional hammer and chisel will but it is easier and faster tool. It is safe and easy to use for everyone, from kids to the professional woodworker.

  • 710 Watt Power Tool
  • 1 x 20mm Shallow Gouge Chisel
  • 1 x 20mm Flat Chisel
  • 15ml High Temperture Oil

This freehand power chisel creates detailed and intricate work such as lettering, drawing lines and highlights. It is extremely safe and has a click-system for changing chisels.


  • Power Chisel Starter Pack - 5 Gouge Chisels
  • Power Trade Chisel Trade's Pack - 3 Flat Chisels
  • Power Chisel Woodcarvers Pack - 3 Gouge Chisels
  • Power Chisel Service Kit
  • Power Chisel Oil Kit