Cougar Lathes

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Cougar 400 EVS

  •  Extra heavy duty
  • 400mm swing over bed
  • 2 HP motor
  • Full Cast Iron
  • Swivel Head
  • Full variable speed motor with amazing torque
  • Indexed Headstock with Lock
  • No2MT centres - 30x3.5 thread
  • Hollow tailstock for boring

COUGAR LATHES review by John Ewart

The COUGAR 400 EVS lathe has features which informed woodturners look for in a lathe at a reasonable price.They are made of heavy cast iron to minimise vibration. Quite often cast iron bed lathes have flimsy stands but the Cougars are sturdy cast iron that come as standard with the lathe. The 400 refers to the generous maximum diameter that can be swung over the bed with the headstock in the rigid position. These capacities can be increased with the swivel action sliding headstock. Their swivel head operation is the easiest and most secure to adjust of any lathe on the market. It allows the woodturner to quickly adjust the headstock position so the bed does not impede the posture or tool movement. This encourages a more comfortable stance which provides better tool control and safety.

EVS refers to Electronic Variable Speed control which is a huge advantage as it enables the correct speed to be dialled for any job or particular stage of a job. The EVS control in conjunction with the standard two step pulley and poly V belt drive system provides the right speed ratios for all sized jobs . This avoids any problems with torque that can be associated with other electronic variable speed systems. It means that when turning large jobs the slower pulley ratio can be selected and the EVS control can then be utilised to provide the right speeds without torque problems or dangerous vibration. For most  turnings the high ratio in conjunction with the EVS provides a full useable speed range without torque problems.

The Cougar lathes are the quietest running lathes on the market. The 400 EVS has a huge 2HP motor and a moveable magnetised switch box which allows the on /off switch to be positioned anywhere along the bed. This is a safety feature as well as a convenience when turning larger diameter face work as it means you don’t have to reach around the revolving job to turn the lathe off. The toolrest and tailstock fastenings are quick action/secure heavy duty camlocks . The toolrest height locks are spring loaded so they can be repositioned to avoid getting in the way of the tool handle.

The Cougar lathes have an indexed headstock facility as well as two shaft lock options. There is a screw in shaft lock for security and also a quick action pin and socket option as well.  The cast iron toolrest design is a comfortable (and correct) near vertical profile which minimises tool overhang on face work such as bowls.

“ I have used the Cougar lathes in demonstrations and in classes for many years now and found them to be reliable, quiet and user friendly with outstanding features including the best swivel headstock and EVS control drive system on the market.“