Finishing & Glues


Choosing an Organoil product will give you peace of mind.

Natural Wax & Polish

A refined Beeswax & Citrus Oil polish, with pleasant aromatics and emulsified into a ready-to-use paste.

Burnishing Oil

Suitable for powered-disc operation, hand-rubbed and on-lathe finishing. Based on genuine, unmodified Tung Nut Oil, providing for excellent sealing, efficient drying and handling durability. Geared for minimal darkening/yellowing though still delivers light, natural colour enhancement. Following drying, is least likely to taint foods cut on or served in (chopping boards, bowls etc.)

Danish Oil

Designed to highlight and finish timber with a warm colour/character enhancement and attainment of traditional patina results. A pure, natural plant oil product formulated to better reflect the original, heavy-oil mixes that gave "Danish Oil" its renown. Will not go off in can after opening (shelf-life several years). Once dry, is both FOOD and CHILD-SAFE.


Principally a fine buffing oil restoring/rejuvenating existing oil finishes. When applied and buffed over previously applied Danish, Scandinavian, or any of the above craft oils, will maintain a gleam to the surface without heavy oil build-up concerns. Wipe on with cloth, leave for 10-20 minutes, then buff with clean, lint-free cloth or lambswool pad.

High Speed Finishing Oil

DECORATIVE WOODTURNING ONLY. Specifically formulated & acutely instructed for on-lathe, under-turning-speed finishing. A very heavy oil which well deals with the load (fill) requirements of softwoods. (You may choose to cut it with vegetable turpentine for hardwoods). One of its unique ingredients is Mustard Seed Oil, which avails good 'slip' for the wet-sanding process and a very 'silken' finish to touch.

Garden Furniture Oil

A low sheen finishing oil that penetrates the timber substrate to nourish, preserve and seal; as well as providing protection against weather degradation and rot.

Decking Oil

A full bodied oil for the nourishment and protection of all external exposed timbers.


Danish Oil

The special ingredients used in the manufacture of Rustin's Danish Oil penetrate deep into all types of timber, drying to a hard, durable and water resistant seal. Unlike varnishes it does not leave a thick film on the surface which may peel, chip or craze on ageing. The oil dries quickly in 4 to 6 hours, depending on ambient temperature and humidity, producing a non tacky surface. It does not, therefore pick up dust as will wood treated with linseed oil. 250ml; 500ml; 1 Ltr

Rustin's Clear Plastic Coating

This quality clear wood finish is ideal for... 
and for any wood surface requiring a durable waterproof and heatproof, scratch resistant finish, Coffee Tables, Marquetry, Musical Instruments. It is so easy to use and the results are spectacular.

French Polish

Can be used in a number of ways. It can be brushed on to new timber in a series of coats to give a bright finish. It can be applied with a pad or rubber as in French polishing. It can be thinned and used as a a sanding sealer or a base for applying a wax polish. 250ml Bottle

Clear Varnish

A clear varnish available in Gloss, Satin and Matt. Polyurethane Varnish is a tough, hard-wearing finish for interior and exterior woodwork, resistant to chemicals and heat.

Grain Filler

Certain timbers can have large open pores, the use of Grainfiller minimises sinkage of the coating film into these pores

Worktop Oil

A unique water-borne blend of natuarl plant oils and other ingredients that nourishes and protects all types of timber.

  • Quick drying
  • Durable & water resistant; and
  • Solvent free - suitable in any food related environment

U-Beaut Polishes

The home of SUPERIOR QUALITY POLISHES for woodturners and others.

Shellawax Cream

(friction & buffing polish) is a NON TOXIC one application, cream version of Shellawax woodturners friction polish the fastest and easiest to use polish of its kind on the market today.300ml Glass Jar

EEE - Ultra Shine

is a cut and polish paste wax containing Tripoli powder (also known in Australia as Rotten Stone) an ultra fine abrasive. The polish is designed to be used in conjunction with Shellawax Cream & liquid or as a finish in its own right on plastics and some stone. 250ml Jar

Traditional Wax

is a general purpose wax paste made from a unique blend of animal, vegetable and mineral waxes including Carnauba (the hardest of all waxes) for a hard bright shine and durability, Ozocerite and Ceresin (high melt waxes) for extra hardness, shine and water resistance, Microcrystalline for added water resistance, a hint of beeswax for smoothness and the clean fresh fragrance of Herbal Pine. 250ml Jar

Hard Shellac

This unique Hardened Shellac creates a film that will withstand heat, water and alcohol, yet it is used in exactly the same was as any normal shellac. It can be applied with a rubber as French polish, brushed, sprayed and dipped. 500ml bottle

Non Toxic Water Dyes

Concentrated, non toxic, transparent, water dye is especially for use under Shellawax & Shellawax Cream, however it can also be used with confidence under all other types of surface finish. Including: nitrocellulose, shellac, polyurethane, etc. Pack of 7 x 50ml dyes


Titebond was the first aliphatic resin adhesive, developed 35 years ago. It has set the standards by which other glues are measured today.

Titebond has the following properties:

  • Excellent creep resistance
  • Superior solvent resistance
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Excellent resistance to heat
  • Available in varying speeds of set
  • Excess glue will not clog your abrasive belts

To find out more about the Titebond range of products, give us a call or drop into our showroom.

Bote-Cote Products

Bote-Cote is the Australian developed and manufactured epoxy system for modern boat building. It is ideal for laminating large components, strip planking and cold moulding.

These methods allow efficient use of small section timber so that that plantation and regrowth wood can be used in boat construction. This conserves our forests for future generations and saves you, the boat builder, money.

Bote-Cote seals the timber and reinforces its inherently high strength to weight ratio properties. Bote-Cote and timber boats are stronger and lighter than those made from other materials such as fiberglass, steel or aluminium. This makes the Bote-Cote epoxy system and timber a natural choice for some of the worlds fastest racing yachts.