Kreg 90° Corner Clamp


Works on 90° corners and “T” joints
1″ maximum capacity
Cast aluminum “V” and wedge clamp pads
Automaxx® auto-adjust technology
Easy-to-regulate clamping pressure with thumbwheel
Cutout allows driving a pocket-hole screw without removing clamp
Padded, ergonomic handles

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The Kreg® 90° Corner Clamp clamps timber up to 1″ thick in both “T” and corner joints, leaving your hands free to glue up, drill and drive when constructing boxes, frames, drawers cabinets and carcasses.
The Automaxx® technology has been added into this corner clamp to make life easier when needing to hold materials during assembly. Those extra hands are helpful with either smaller or larger pieces, whether doing pocket hole joinery, or another form of joinery.


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