Kreg Face Clamp – 3″ Reach


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A Great Clamp for Kreg Joinery and More – This Classic Face Clamp features a 3″ (76mm) reach and clamps materials up to 2-3/4″ thick (70mm). The Kreg Classic 3″ Face Clamp is a great tool for Kreg Joinery and a variety of other tasks when building wood projects. The clamp features extra-large clamping pads to distribute clamping force evenly. An extra-large pad on one arm is placed on the “show side” of the joint to help create a flush joint as Kreg Screws are driven during pocket hole assembly.
The Classic 3″ Face Clamp is also compatible with the Kreg Jig R3’s Portable Clamp Adapter so the jig can be connected directly to the clamp for one-handed positioning of the jig while drilling pocket holes. Ergonomic padded grips offer increased comfort and ease of use.


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