Kreg Jig Micro Drill Guide System


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With a 25% smaller hole diameter, the Micro-Pocket Drill Guide lets you create compact, low profile pocket holes in the same Kreg Joinery applications where you’d use standard Kreg pocket holes, and in a variety of other applications, too. You also have the ability to tackle smaller projects, thinner stock, and tighter repairs where standard pocket holes simply can’t go.
Compatible with the Kreg Jig K3, K4, and K5, it has been made black in colour to differentiate from the standard Kreg Drill Guide.
Endless Applications
The 19/64″ (7.54mm) hole is 25% smaller hole works great in virtually every application where you wsould use standard Kreg pocket holes, especially when using thinner material. And because it removes less material, drill strokes are faster and easier.
Perfect for 1/2″ Stock


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