Kreg Mini Jig Kit


Drilling Capacity 3/8″
Mininum Stock Thickness 1/2″ (12.7mm)

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The Kreg Jig Mini is good for very specific applications where the smallest jig possible is required. The simplistic design includes the hardened-steel drill guide of the other jigs, but does not include a reference fence, so material thickness adjustments must be made manually.
The Kreg Jig Mini is the only Kreg Jig that does not include a positioning fence. This fenceless design allows you to make precise angle and stock depth adjustments as needed, making the Mini the most positionable Kreg Jig available. The relief hole allows waste material to escape allowing drilling to continue. The jig can be used on any thickness material.
The Mini jig has the same hardened steel drill guides as the larger Kreg jigs. Its design makes it ideal for those furniture fix up jobs, by clamping, drilling and driving a screw in to complete the job.


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