Kreg Mobile Project Centre


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Kreg introduce their all-in-one Mobile Project Centre, it is the new and must have workbench, sawhorse, assembly table, and clamping station that comes in one small sized unit. It is small enough to not take up your entire workshop floor, small enough to work around from any angle, and small enough to move easily outside the workshop to get some more space or load into the back of the car out to help your mate down the road.
Two added bonuses are that it does not need assembly, use it straight out of the box and the included clamping accessories. Whether you are drilling components prior to assembly by fixing your pocket hole jig to it, completing assembly of a project by using the included clamps, or simply using it as a stand to hold something stable while working on it, this is the ideal addition to any household, workshop, business or back of the ute or van.
Kreg is renowned for its clamps and tracks, and this has both and more. The top features many grooves, holes and slots with which to mount various Kreg jigs, or bench dogs to assist with clamping and holding workpieces or tools, all making the whole woodworking process more enjoyable.
In the open position, it is capable of supporting up to 158Kg, and features a lower shelf and various positions for drills and other tools. The lower shelf will hold up to 11.3Kg comfortably.