Laguna 12″ Parallelogram Jointer with Shear-Tec


Bed size: 2210 x 305mm
Motor: 3 HP 1 Phase or 5 HP 3 Phase
Cutter head: 5500 RPM
Cutter head diameter: 100mm (4”)
4 sided carbide inserts 6 rows x 14 = 84
Width of cut: 300mm
Rabbeting capacity: 19mm
Fence Tilt: 90°, 45° & 135 ̊
Positive stops: 90° & 45°
Table dimensions: 2210 x 305mm
Fence dimensions: 1524 x 137 mm
Table height : 838mm
Dust Ports: 152mm
Overall dimensions: 2235 x 838 x 1130mm
Gross Weight: 488kg
Net Weight: 399kg

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Parallelogram w. crank allows the table to move in the same arc as the cutter-head when raised or lowered keeping clearance to a minimum.
6 row Shear Tec II helical cutter-head for premium results.
Quality spring return guard included (not shown).
Deep gullets in the head allow chips to exit fast and keep the machining area clear of chips.
84 four-sided German carbide helical cutter inserts set into the head on a flat landing surface which allows more torque to be applied when fixing.
Inserts angled to give a shear cut with low impact and less kick-back action.
Edge crowned to prevent lines appearing.
Built in mobility wheels with locking screws.
2210 x 305mm bed allows for very large work pieces.
Fully enclosed steel cabinet protects motor and mechanics.