Luci-Clear Epoxy Resin 12.0kg Kit


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LuciClear Casting resin has been formulated to be the most spectacularly water clear casting resin available.

It takes advantage of recent advances in resin and hardener technology to deliver really spectacular deep castings.

It is bubble free and able to do 30mm plus deep castings in a single pour.

A vacuum chamber is unnecessary to prevent bubbles being incorporated.

Minimal heat is generated during cure so shrinkage is minimised and damage to embedded specimens is kept to a minimum.

LuciClear Casting Resin contains UV absorbers to minimise yellowing and chalking due to UV exposure.

LuciClear Casting Resin is an epoxy casting resin.

Available in 750g, 1.5kg, 3.0kg, 6.0kg, 12kg, 30kg sizes.


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Weight 14.8 kg