Woodcut PRO-FORME Flexi Hollower – Unhandled


Shaft with straight and bent joints and cutters.

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The Pro-Forme Flexi is designed for small to medium sized hollowing projects. An articulated hollowing tool based on the best hollowing cutter on the market, the Pro-Forme Powerhead.

The Pro-Forme Flexi comes with 2 high tensile articulating joints, one short straight and one bent, to access the tightest hollow form necks. Includes one 275mm x 1/2″ diameter shaft.

Designed for small to medium size projects
Cutters made from M2 HSS, Triple Tempered
Excellent clearance of shavings. “Makes shavings, not dust”
Adjustable cutter to suit all timbers and guarantee no dig-ins
Streamlined profile fits through 15 mm hole.
You don’t need to keep adjusting the cutter

Combines ideally with our Twin Collet Handle.

​Additional Accessories:
Twin Collet Handle – A deluxe 16 inch quick change handle with two collets for 9-10mm shafts and 12-13mm shafts.
Pro-Forme Flexi Scraper head kit – Two additional scraper cutters are attached directly to your Pro-Forme Flexi shaft and are a must for that extra smooth finish.
Irons Tool Rest – The Irons Tool Gate reduces the, usually, unsupported length of your hollowing tool.