RIKON 410mm 16″ Thicknesser with Spiral Cutter Head Block 23-400H


Motor Power (Input): 3HP 2200W
Electrical Connection: 15Amp Lead & Plug
Cutting Capacity – Width: 410mm (16″)
No. of Blades/Cutters: 72
Cutter Material: Tungsten Carbide
Cutter Head Blade Size: 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm
Cutter Head Block Rows: 4 x 18 Cutters

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Ideal for professional cabinet shops, DIY and contractors to handle not only the high volume of lumber that needs to be surfaced daily, but also tackle the greater widths for surfacing wide, glued up panels. With a spiral head cutter block, four row cutterhead with 72 carbide insert cutters that makes slicing through the hardest wood an easy task. Each insert cutter has four, pre-sharpened sides and can be easily changed/rotated if worn or damaged. No setting is required, as the inserts are automatically indexed and set to proper position and height for creating smooth finish cuts.