Laguna 16″ 3HP Sheartec II Thicknesser


Warranty: 2 Years
Motor: 2200w (3hp) 15 amp plug required
Cutterhead: Sheartec II Helical – 60 Carbide Inserts
Dust Port: 1 x 100mm (4″)
Infeed/Outfeed Roller: Yes, both, extendable by (100mm) 4″
Max Board Thickness: 203mm (8″)
Maximum Cutting Width: 406mm (16″)
Minimum Stock Thickness: 6.35mm (1/4″)
Feed Rate: 16 / 28FPM (4.9 and 8.5MPM)
Nett Weight: 230kg
Table Dimensions: 406mm x 546mm (16″ x 21.5″)

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The Laguna Thicknesser range has been overhauled with a whole new aesthetic and function.

The Powerful new 16″ Thicknesser is now styled more after European models, with the motor housed in the machine cabinet and the “clean-line” box design to keep dust (and fingers!) away from the moving parts. The cabinet also features a top view window of the cutterhead! A hinged lid provides easy access to the cutterhead for blade rotation or changes. The top of the cabinet has two full width rollers for material return and a 4″ (100mm) dust port completes the simple looking, but clever design.

Fitted with a premium Sheartec II Helical Spiral Cutterhead featuring 6 rows of 10 cutters, providing a total of 60 four sided high quality tungsten carbide blades as standard. What does this mean? The ultimate in quiet operation, with a premium fine finish on even the crankiest grain! Helical cutterheads have become the “go-to” option for the finest finish possible off the blade and while eliminating tear-out can never be guaranteed with so many variables, these heads offer the best solution for all timbers, including figured, irregular and interlocked grain. Laguna have even included 10 additional individual blades as replacements should you take a nick out of one.

Height adjustment is achieved via a recessed hand wheel in the side of the body, with a Digital Readout built-in to provide you with accurate and easy-to-read height settings. Two feed speeds are available by shifting a lever with 16 and 28FPM (4.9 and 8.5MPM) on offer. The ground cast iron bed is 406mm x 546mm (16″ x 21.5″) and features both infeed and outfeed rollers, that are extendable 4″ (100mm) from the machine for additional material support. Full width anti-kickback fingers and a serrated infeed roller complete this new model from Laguna.

The unit has the capacity for material up to 406mm wide x 203mm thick (16″ x 8″), with a minimum stock thickness down to 6.35mm (1/4″).

The new model Laguna thicknessers are a premium quality workhorse, fit for purpose in any workshop from homes, small business to schools.