Melbourne Tool Company Large Router Hand Plane


Brand: Melbourne Tool Company (MTC)

Model: Large Router Plane with 50-Degree Milled Bed

SKU: MTC-11084

Country Of Origin: Designed in Melbourne Australia, manufactured in China

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Sole Dimensions: 100 x 183mm

Weight: 1150g

Fixing Knobs: Knurled Brass

Blade Steel / Size: M2 HSS / 1/2″

Blade Bed Angle: 50 Degrees

Standard Bevel Angle (relief only): 30 Degrees

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The Melbourne Tool Company Large Router Hand Plane

The Melbourne Tool Company Large Router Hand Plane makes creating rebates and trenches with perfectly flat bottoms a breeze. It is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use from a variety of angles and has an easy-to-sharpen blade. Whether you are creating grooves, dadoes, rebates or any other joinery recess, you can rely on the MTC Large Router Plane to improve the accuracy of your work.

An Uncomplicated plane

This Large Router Plane is a versatile yet uncomplicated tool. The minimalistic design makes it easy to disassemble for maintenance and reassemble for work. The knurled fixing knobs are very accessible with a very smooth action. The blade’s depth of cut is adjusted by an elegant leadscrew with minimal backlash. A depth-stop collar allows you to return to the same setting without fuss.

50-degree straight blade

The MTC Large Router Plane is a unique router plane. Unlike many other router planes, the blade is made from a straight square section of HSS steel set bevel-down in the plane at 50 degrees – the blade bevel is only present to relieve the cut. This provides you with a very effective angle of attack suitable for all types of trenching work, and a router plane that is extremely easy to sharpen.

Easy to sharpen

Because the blades are made from a single piece of straight steel, the blades are very easy to sharpen. Simply remove the blade from the plane body, sharpen like you would a mortise chisel and then reset. No special jigs or equipment required! Watch your productivity grow with this versatile hand tool.

Easily Adjusted Fence

The Large Router Plane includes a fence with an innovative positioning mechanism that can be accessed from above the tool, so you can make fine adjustments while the plane is in situ. The fence can installed on either side of the plane, and the same installation holes can be used for attaching a softer sole to protect delicate workpieces.

M2 High Speed Steel blades

MTC has chosen M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) 1/2″ blades. M2 HSS has high abrasion resistance which means it will hold a sharp edge much longer than many other steels. This also means that it may take a little longer to bring up an edge. Don’t worry, you will be leaving your sharpening gear on the shelf for a lot longer too.

Owner’s Manual

Your MTC plane is delivered securely packaged in a foam lined cardboard box. Inside is a QR code you can scan to download your comprehensive Owner’s Manual. Visit the Melbourne Tool Company website for additional products, information downloads and video content.

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Weight 1.6 kg