Nova Centre System


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This unique combination centre system provides a high quality; comprehensive tailstock support for virtually all spindle turning requirements. It has over 7 functions in one handy unit. Precision machined and 3 bearings for maximum long life. Features & Benefits: Fast; precise and powerful tailstock support system; Designed for the tough demands of modern woodturning; Versatile – over 6 functions in one handy unit; Quick change tapers. Fast mounting of centre pieces; Long life quality triple bearing system; Fits all lathes with standard MT tailstock quill; Includes unique stepped cone system as standard; allowing ultra fast and convenient mounting of work; Can handle both heavy and delicate work; Can handle both hard and soft woods; Hollow centre allows the user to drill through centre – great for cable access for lamps etc; Instruction manual included STANDARD PARTS :1 quick change Morse Taper (2MT)


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