Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press


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The technology in this drill press has been taken from the DVR lathe giving it touch button variable speed, so the appropriate speed for those one off jobs can quickly be set, so the drill press and drill are working to their optimal potential.

The NOVA Voyager DVR Drill Press has been designed to handle a wide variety of materials with ease, using its powerful direct drive motor. It runs quieter due to there being no belts, and the computer ensures its efficiency by controlling performance.

The on-board computer draws only as much power as is required for the current job, making this the smart way to do drilling well into the future. The same computer also controls the electronic braking, making this the ideal machine for businesses and schools.

The easy to use electronic variable speed system controls speed in both forward and reverse between 50-3000rpm, with an additional feature in the settings to achieve an impressive 5500rpm. The quill has a full 150mm travel, by two revolutions of the handle.

With the display and computer working in either Metric or Imperial, the computer constantly monitors the job, and delivers the right amount of torque so it will never stall during use. It has a standard depth stop, as well as a computer programmed guide that can also be used to set the depth of a hole, so you will never drill too deep or not deep enough.

This drill press computer has been designed with ease of use in mind. Whatever job is being done, select the type of drill bit to be used, then select the type of material, and the desired speed is advised and saved, ready for use.
Features also include 4 programmable buttons that can be set up to the users specifications, with several other features available through the menu.