Titebond 3 Ultimate Wood Glue


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Titebond 3 Ultimate is the most advanced wood glue available today.

While all Titebond products provide superior performance, Titebond 3 Ultimate is especially useful for outdoor applications in cooler temperatures or when concern for substantial moisture calls for the use of a Type I glue (USA boil test).

For interior applications, the longer working time of Titebond III provides woodworkers the necessary latitude to ensure that substrates are precisely aligned before being bonded.

Overall, Titebond 3 Ultimate combines superior strength, sandability with water cleanup the ease of use of aliphatic resins with the, durability and water resistance of polyurethanes into one easy-to-use formulation.


  • Passes ANSI/HPVA Type I water-resistance and D3 European standard (passes the USA boil test)
  • Waterproof formula that cleans up with water
  • Superior strength – Strong initial tack (has the highest bond strength of the cross link PVA)
  • Designed for interior and exterior applications
  • Longer open assembly time
  • Lower application temperature
  • Unaffected by finishes
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact

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