Trend Airshield PRO Powered Respirator


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The Trend Airshield PRO is a lightweight, battery powered respirator that offers protection from dust and contaminants via the face shield, nylon elasticated seal and twin filters. No matter the situation, this unit is rated to suit the DIY, Craftsman and Professional user, and is particularly good for woodturners, and when using products like MDF, both creating extremely fine dust particles and objects that can cause injury.
The low noise motor offers an impressive 150 to 210 litres per minute, with an audible low battery alarm and removable battery. The polycarbonate faceshield is especially good for use for woodturners, at 950grams it is easy to fit and does not have leads or hoses that may become snagged during use.
Featuring an adjustable headband, the motor is positioned away from the forehead to reduce vibration and irritation during use and ensures that the unit is well balanced even when the polycarbonate visor is in the raised position.


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