Arbortech Power Carving Unit


  • High performance, slightly flexible Sanding Pad is ideal for sanding medium to large projects
  • Capable of moulding to slight contours
  • When used with the TURBO Plane (not included), this attachment creates an extremely flat levelled surface
  • Use with the Sanding Pad (included) to achieve a very even smooth finish
  • Designed to collect dust and chips during free form carving and sanding stages when used with a vacuum
  • 6 variable speed settings ranging from 2,000rpm to 11,000rpm means you can adjust speed of carving and sanding to suit your needs
  • Lower speed settings are recommended for the use of the 100mm Sanding Pad (included) and also when using sanders on the Arbortech Mini TURBO attachment (not included).
  • The vibration reducing handle further increases user comfort and ergonomics
  • Gradual increase from zero to full performance speed with no abrupt jolts.
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Arbortech Power Carving Unit is fitted with the most powerful Arbortech motor yet, the Power Carving Unit™ is the ideal power source to optimise all of your Arbortech attachments. This grinder was designed specifically with woodworking in mind to help take your power carving to the next level.


Ideal for initial sanding stages, this high performance, slightly flexible Sanding Pad is ideal for sanding medium to large projects and capable of moulding to contours.


Precision levelling and planing when used in combination with the TURBOPlane (not included). Used with the Sanding Pad, the Levelling Guide will achieve an incredibly flat smooth finish.


Designed to collect dust and chips during freehand carving and sanding stages. Can be used with the TURBOPlane (not included) or Sanding Pad.


A compact, easy option to funnel wood chips into a bucket to reduce mess that doesn’t require a vacuum.

Included in this Arbortech Power Carving Unit kit:

  • 1000W Power Carving Unit™ with variable speed control 2.000-12.000rpm
  • Levelling Guide
  • Chip Catcher
  • Chip Tube
  • Sanding Pad
  • Assorted Sanding Discs (3 x 60, 120, 180, 240 grit)
  • Fan
  • Metal Guard
  • 1x Extra brush set
  • Arbortech Carry Bag

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Weight 5.4 kg