Arbortech TURBO Scraper



  • Ideal for fine, detailed freehand shaping and planning
  • Easy to use, controllable, and forgiving
  • Perfect for experts and beginners, as you can see exactly what you’re carving
  • High-quality disc made from forged aluminium
  • Tungsten carbide teeth are rotatable and replaceable
  • Easily attaches to the Arbortech Power Carving Unit or any angle grinder with an M14 spindle
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Arbortech TURBO Scraper

The Arbortech TURBO Scraper is like a turbocharged version of a traditional hand scraper. It has been specifically designed to cut on a negative angle, resulting in minimal tear-out and chipping.

This disc can be controlled by pressure and gently scrapes away at wood, delivering a smooth, scratch-free finish. Its unique design provides unparalleled accuracy, allowing you to see your carving progress, making it the perfect tool for highly detailed work.

Safety and Control

The Turbo Scraper is uniquely designed to provide exceptional control. You can carve as much or as little as you like by the amount of pressure you apply, making it the perfect attachment for all skill levels.

Turbo Scraper vs Burr Discs

Unlike a burr disc, the Turbo Scraper won’t get clogged up, ensuring top-notch precision. It makes cleaning a breeze without the need for an array of tools or safety gear. Additionally, the TURBO Scraper allows for easy rotation and replacement of its teeth, eliminating the need for a new disc.

Unparalleled Quality

This high-quality disc is made from forged aluminium with replaceable tungsten carbide teeth. These teeth can be rotated and replaced for optimum performance and longevity.

See Exactly What You Are Carving, When You Are Carving

Unlike other power carving attachments, the Turbo Scraper allows you to see what you are carving, making it ideal for woodworking projects that demand precision and accuracy with no room for error.


  • TURBO Scraper
  • 4mm Allen Key

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