Arbortech’s TURBOShaft



  • Freehand fine sculpting and boring tool
  • Excellent control and safety
  • Fast freehand or template letterwork carving
  • Fits to any standard angle grinder
  • Deep and narrow profiles
  • Replaceable/resharpenable tungsten carbide teeth
  • Planning action at the tip of the shaft
  • Can be used with guides or templates for accuracy
  • Gets into places other tools can’t reach
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Arbortech’s TURBOShaft has changed to way power carving and sculpting is done in timber.

  • Will attach to most standard 100mm (4″) or 115mm (4 1/2″) grinders that have a M14 Spindle Thread. M10 Spindle Threads would require the use of an Adaptor Kit sold separately.

Waste material is quickly removed leaving the desired masterpiece. Whether working freehand or with a template, this is the ideal place to start, and can be used for initial roughing out before moving to traditional tools to finish off, or finish using it only.

Perfect for deep and narrow profiles, detailed sculpting, letter work, template work and more.

This Arbortech’s TURBOShaft is the ideal tool for:

  • Deep Profile
  • Detail Carving
  • Rough Shaping
  • Template Work


Arbortech provides a 12 month limited warranty on the motor and/or mechanism of our products from the date of original purchase.


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