Morse Taper Aligner




Morse Taper Aligner is essential for anyone with a swivel head lathe.

Most swivel head lathes have a common issue. Once you turn the headstock to perform some outboard turning projects, you try and return to its original positioning and hey presto the centres no long align exactly which then means you cant guarantee a job is symmetrically even.

Most taper aligner manufacturers skimp on quality yet leave a heavy cost to the customer, not these Q-tech Morse Taper Aligners, machined from quality materials and at an economical price point making it a must have for woodturners.

The simple fix is using a Taper Aligner with a few quick steps:

  • Place the aligner into your tailstock taper until snug
  • Move your tailstock upto your unlocked headstock(If locked in you cant micro adjust for perfect alignment)
  • Make sure there is an even amount of the aligner in each taper
  • Lock off your headstock swivel lever/switch etc.
  • Retract tailstock and use your push bar to extract the Morse Taper Aligner

VoilĂ ! Your Tapers Are Now Perfectly Aligned!!

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