Robert Sorby Turnmaster Tungsten Carbide Set


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Featuring a patented interchangable cutter head and a large variety of optional cutters. The TurnMaster from Robert Sorby is an excellent tool for the seasoned woodturner or novice who doesn’t have access to sharpening facilities.
The TurnMaster is the first in the world to combine three cutting edge technologies in one flexible tool.
Cutters provided in this set are tungsten carbide, these will hold their edge longer than HSS cutters.
Cutters are also available in titanium nitride (TiN) and high speed steel (HSS) providing unsurpassed variety to woodturners at every level.
Benefits: All cutters interchangeable with one tool, Indexable; patented cutting head for shear scraping, Interchangeable cutter head & replaceable cutters mean no need to buy multiple tool, Flat underside for stability, High tensile torx screw/ key for quick cutter release.
This Set includes a complete tool holder with handle and 3 Tungsten Carbide Cutters. Cutter profiles: Round, Square and Detail (diamond).


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