Robert Sorby Ultima Hollowing System 16″ (400mm)


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The best hollowing system available, this is the Robert Sorby 16″ ultima hollowing system. Equally suited to wet and dry timbers in end or cross grain stock.
The self-clearing head design allows any waste material to be quickly dispersed so as not to become clogged up, or impede vision. The articulated links allow the head to be set to various configurations allowing almost infinite positioning of the cutters, for hollowing this link system can be removed and the cutter fitted straight to the shaft giving it extra strength. The head can be moved forward and back to expose more or less of the cutter, with approximately 1/3 of the cutter being exposed. The round cutter can be rotated when the each third becomes dull.
This Smaller Ultima has a 1/2″ shaft and can be used to hollow to a massive 280mm (11″). The 16″ sovereign handle allows the shaft to be extended as required. It can also hold any 5/8″ shaft tools, not just the ultima shaft, for those wishing to expand their tool range.
1/2″ adaptor is provided installed and a 3/8″ adaptor is provided to allow smaller tools to be fitted giving that little bit extra flexibility. Remove the 1/2″ collet to use a 5/8″ shaft tool. A side handle is also available for deep hollowing, including a counter weight to gain that extra weight and balance of the handle.


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