Woodcut Tru-Grind by Woodcut Tools NZ



Choose the Tru-Grind Sharpening System if you want a simple to use system to produce true and razor sharp tools every time.

The comprehensive user guide helps in making the set up and use of the Tru-Grind easy. There are also multiple videos on You Tube.

EASIEST JIG – A very easy lock and rotate system.

Unlike other jigs the Tru-Grind locks into place ensuring you are repeating exact sharpening degrees for each tool, therefore speeding up the process and saving tool length. No more mucking around to get the correct sharpening angle each time.

Our jig sharpens the following tools without any other fiddly accessories required:
Bowl gouges
Spindle gouges
Spindle roughing gouge
Parting tools

As well as offering a wide range of sharpening solutions for turning tools, including mini tools, it can sharpen a wide range of tools for carving and carpenters. With a small amount of adjustments it can sharpen drill bits as well.

Designed to take up to 1-1/2″ in diameter tools, there is no need for several jigs or multiple accessories.

Base features dual pivot points for versatility.

Fits most popular brands of 6″ or 8″ dry bench grinders such as Rikon or Record Power.

Includes: Versatile tool holder, one base (comes set for the left, but can be changed to use on the right wheel), user guide.

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Weight 1.5 kg