Tru-Grind Premium Sturdy Rest


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The new generation Tru-Grind Premium Sturdy Rest features a wide platform to ensure stability while sharpening, especially scrapers.

The Sturdy Rest arm is securely supported in position for safe sharpening. When not in use, or when using the Tru-Grind Toolholder, the Sturdy Rest swings down out of the way to allow easy access to the grinding wheel.

The assembly inserts into the front of the Tru-Grind Premium Base Slide. Made from thick plate steel to eliminate flexing and powder coated to ensure long life.

 The Sturdy Rest’s platform is 110mm wide.

The new generation Premium Sturdy Rest is simply and quickly inserted into the new Tru-Grind Premium Base Slide, refastening the end cap and ready to use.

Numerical laser etch markings on the platform plate and arm to support accurately repeating the sharpening set up.

Machined holes on the arm support the set up between different heights of sharpening machines.

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Weight 2.5 kg