Record Power WG250 10″ Wet Stone Sharpening System Package


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A wet stone grinding system with a range of gauges and jigs is essential for many woodworkers. This machine was the result of research carried out with a number of renowned turners and woodworkers who looked at the other machines on the market and advised what they thought was needed to improve on what was currently available. There are a number of things that make this machine stand out from the competition – some small but significant details and some major points of difference to most of the competition. Features include: a polycarbonate water tray with a drip guard to help protect the machine and redirect drips back into the main pool. Adjustable torque is essential for bulky demanding tasks, this can easily correct the amount of pressure applied to the drive wheel allowing the machine to tackle the gnarliest of tasks. Package includes: 1x Straight Edge Jig, 1x Stone Grader, 1x Support Arm, 1x Angle Finder, 1x Diamond Truing Tool, 1x Honing Compound, 1x Angle Setting Gauge, 1x Full Instructional DVD.


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Weight 18 kg