U-Beaut Shellawax Cream 250g


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SHELLAWAX CREAM is a fusion mixture of white shellac and a number of waxes including Carnauba wax & Bees wax. SHELLAWAX CREAM, (friction & buffing polish) is a NON TOXIC one application, cream version of Shellawax woodturners friction polish the fastest and easiest to use polish of its kind on the market today. Shellawax was designed specifically for the use of woodturners. Shellawax Cream however, is designed to be used not only by woodturners, but also by woodcarvers, and for use on small flat surfaces. On the lathe it gives a brilliant shine in seconds, can be handled immediately, is non toxic and water resistant. On woodcarvings and flat surfaces it gives a rich deep shine in a matter of minutes. Shellawax dries almost instantly when applied to spinning timber, when used on large spindles, bowls, etc. you get fine lines on the surface which look like sanding marks. These are caused by the weave of the material used to apply the polish, being set into the surface of the polish as it dries. Shellawax Cream alleviates this problem completely. So for all larger turned work Shellawax Cream is the best product to use. On small objects like pens etc. there is still nothing better to use than Shellawax in the liquid form.


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